Fine dining located in a 1906 Queen Victorian Style House that gives our guest a memorable experience.

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Culinary Critics

A true dining experience – that is the best way to sum up  the Culinary Critic’s latest adventure.  The Old Edgefield Grill is  where one can savor not only the food but the atmosphere as well.  It  exudes Southern class and charm.  Set in a two story Victorian style  home built in 1906 and shaded in front by large magnolia trees, this  upscale restaurant uses the four main rooms on the first floor of the  home for serving patrons; the back area is used as the kitchen.  Weather  permitting, seating is also available on the large front porch.  In the  front room off to the left of the long, narrow entry hallway is a bar  area.  This is the only room in the restaurant that disrupts its  historical feel, and only then due mostly to the two televisions found  in opposite corners of the room.  To describe each of the three dining  rooms in detail would take too much space, so we will concentrate on the  one in which we dined.  (However, just telling that of the other two  one is dedicated to Senator Strom Thurmond and the other to the National  Wild Turkey Federation, one can get a sense of their décor.)  We were  seated in the front right dining room which is painted a deep red.  On  its walls hang various framed pictures.  It holds five to six square  tables able to seat four and in the far right corner of the room is a  fireplace on which was sitting a large floral display.  Dark hardwood  floors accented by large area rugs are present throughout the  restaurant, and a mixture of jazz and golden oldie tunes drifts through  the air.  Large uncovered windows allow plenty of natural light into the  rooms which are also lightly lit as night time falls.  Each table is  covered by a white linen tablecloth over which is a protective white  sheet of parchment type paper.  On the tables rest ready wine glasses as well as ornately folded black linen napkins.  The look of all three  dining rooms is both sophisticated and inviting.

The set up of The Old Edgefield Grill is such that it is intimate and  romantic yet lends itself comfortably to conversations with fellow  patrons.  It can be as private or as open as one wants to make it. The Old Edgefield Grill is “swanky but relaxed.”   It is a great little place right in the heart of Edgefield S.C. where one can  get gussied up (or not) and eat fine food.  This was a great dining  experience for us.  The ambiance, the service, the food – it exceeded  our expectations.

The Old Edgefield Grille House built in 1906

The Old Edgefield Grille House built in 1906

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